Taking pictures of my lunchboxes became a habit. I have started preparing my lunchboxes a year ago due to my bad blood tests. It occurred that the level of cholesterol is far too high. I decided to change my diet and stop  snacking in the office, which is very difficult as you may imagine. I spend 8 hours a day in front of the computer it affects my figure, body and health. Due to the fact I am not very lazy person, but I find it really difficult to go to the gym or simply exercise, because this kind of physical activity bores me, I’ve made a decision of a drastic diet change.

This „experiment” came to life a year ago, in June 2014, but is constantly being developed. I rely on seasonal products and carbs. yes I eat carbs because without them my brain does not work and I have craves for sweets and binges.


My lunch boxes 

Eating out #1

Lunch boxes#1



 Grilled green asparagus, roasted veg cutlets ( made of millet and courgette), oatmeal (with linseed, cranberries, expanded amaranth), strawberries,



2 slices of homemade wholegrain bread, diet version of tuna salad, celery, strawberries with yogurt,



2 slices of bread, diet version of tuna salad, cottage cheese with strawberries, radish, few strawberries,



Watermelon, roll, caramel yogurt, pistachio nuts