There are only 4 days left to Christmas Eve. The most important day for every Christian Pole.

This year again I am preparing the Christmas Eve dinner.

Apart from all traditional dishes, that we are doing together with my mum and my mother-in-law , I will do small sandwiches with salmon:

4 slices of pumpernickel bread

150-200 g of sandwich cottage cheese(herbal is best, garlic flavour also acceptable)

4 slices of salmon

small jar of red caviar

Spread cottage cheese on each piece of pumpernickel, then put a slice of salmon on it. Spread cheese on salmon ( repead until you finish ingredients.

Put sandwiches to fridge up to 1 hour. Before serving cut each sandwich into 4 pieces and decorate with caviar.

Today’s recipe is without pictures. I will do them after preparing my dishes.