Today’s note will be again „out of kitchen”, but there’s a chance that we’ll go there for a second. I’ll try to write very short text so that you won’t get bored.

I know that together with Christmas time we tend to forget about gifts. But when you have a child presents appear whole year long. We have birthdays of friends and relatives kids, family meeting, Easter and Christmas. I don’t know how about you, but when I visit a toyshop, a nice lady or nice man always asks me one question ” For a boy or girl?” Is that bad? Hard to tell. Today I’ll try to show you my point of view.

Little girls are surrounded by a totally pink environment, with fluffy teddy bears, dolls and miniature home equipment. On the contrary, boys are the warriors equipped with plastic guns and toy cars. Boys also get Lego and do-it-yourself sets. Do you like it now? I don’t. We teach our children that women should take care of home, cooking, cleaning and raising children, while men work, earn money and do „men’s chores”. Now look at your families. At my home duties were never strictly stick to one person. Mums and dads together runs homes, raise children, work, clean and do a lot of other things together or in turns. Not every mum cooks nor that repairs the washing machine. People differ, and kids are small people.

I know many girls eager to play with „boys’ toys” rather that Barbie. They would choose a nice Lego set, not a Friends edition. Girls like police station, fire station, a regular Lego system usually bounded to boys. My Little Monster has Lego bricks, cars, small washing machine and kitchen. What does he choose? Most of the time he takes spoons and plates from my kitchen’s cupboard or takes our vacuum cleaner. At my parent’s home he goes to my dad’s cabinet and takes granddad’s electrical equipment. What does it meat? That every children is different and choosing unusual toy, like Lego for a Barbie lover. It may occur that she will discover some architect spark, or simply have some fun.

Just to sum up a short talk with my Little Monster about kindergarten:

– Mummy, I don’t like kindergarten!

– Why? Has somebody been mean to you?

– Kindergarten is no fun. It has stupid toys.

– Really? Which are so bad?

– You know, today groups were together. Children are sick. And I am sick. You see yhhhyhyyyh ( LM tries to cough ) and a running nose. We have better bricks and older not! But they have kitchen, kettle and microwave. And you know..- he gulped – They have old, very big TV in a closet! – He said with his eyes wide open!