Ostatnio nie dodaje zbyt wiele, bo nie mam czasu, ani na gotowanie ani na blogowanie 🙂

But here I am 🙂

Dziś wyśmienite pieczarkowe poduszeczki.

Oczywiście inne grzyby są lepsze, ale ja i tak uwielbiam pieczary 🙂

Ciasto jak na pizze, ale podwoiłam ilość drożdży..

So let the show begin 🙂


1 cup (250ml) flour

40g fresh yeast

1 tablespoon oil


1 teaspoon sugar

1/3 cup warm milk

1 egg yolk

Dough must be knead thoroulghly until it creates consistent mass. Then leave it in a warm place to swell…


400g of champignon mushrooms

big onion

tablespoon of butter



2 cloves of garlic

herbs de provence

10 g of grated cheese

Onion, champignon sherd, garlic smash and shimmer on melted butter ( be careful not to burn it!!)

Dough form in small dumplings and stuff them with mushrooms.

Bake in hot oven until they are golden coloured.

Morvellous hot and cold 🙂

Great for party 🙂