During the last 6 months my blog stayed almost untouched. It does not mean that I did not eat at work, which is impossible. I simply stopped making photos of my bento boxes, sometimes bought something like rolls, fruits or yoghurts before work or has ordered lunch to work.  Very soon I realised that I miss my lunch boxes so much! Buying before work is not good for me, because eating roll and drinking yoghurt makes me sleepy and does not provide enough energy for the whole day work.

Since now, every Monday I will post here my previous week lunch boxes, some of them will be prepared for spending most of the day in the car, so there won’t be a chance to worm it, and they cannot be too messy.

Lunch boxes



THURSDAY 7th January

Bowl of creamy soup made of zucchini and broccoli, with pasta bow shaped


Meatballs in tomatoes, with mashed potatoes and glazed carrot.

Apple and mandarins for snack.


FRIDAY 8th January

Beans in sweet tomato sauce, cottage cheese with vanilla extract and honey. Mandarins.

Have a tasty week!