Very simple and delicious – as the name state




4 eggs

1 cup flour

1 cup sugar ( nay be slightly less)

1,5 tablespoon oil

1 tablespoon vinegar

1,5 teaspoon baking powder

favourite flavour ( orange or lemon zest is best)



200g butter

2 vanilla puddings

sugar – as given on pudding recipe

650 ml milk



sliced almont

2 handful sugar

favourite jam (mine is cherry)

First separate egg whites from yolks. Whites put into big bowl add a pinch of salt(pinch not too much). Turn mixer on and start beating whites on foam. When they are stiffening add slowly sugar. Turn mixer down into slowest mixing and start adding yolks, oil, vinegar and flour.

Bake it in hot oven (180 degrees) up to 35 minutes.


Mix the pudding powder with 1/3 of milk sugar ( you may add egg yolk) rest of milk boil. when milk is boiled take the pan out of flame and pour rest of milk mixed with pudding powder and sugar. Mix everything thoroughly, and put the pan again on the flame. When the mass is stiff you’re halfway success.

Cool the pudding.

Put butter into bowl ( take it few hours earlier out of fridge!!!) and start mixing. During mixing add slowly small portions of pudding. If the mass is too stiff pour some hot milk and mix again.


Cut cake into two pieces. First put a layer of your favourite jam. Then put half of cream on it.  Then cover it with cake and  spread rest of cream on cake.

Put almonds on hot frying pan and add some sugar. Keep it on fire until it take slightly brown colour. Sprinkle cake with it.